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Contains – 250g
COFFEE/GRADE :      Arabica Plantation ‘AA’ & Robusta ‘PB’
ROAST TYPE :           Medium Dark Roasted
GRIND SIZE :             Coarse/Nice (Optional)
PROCESSING :         50% Washed/Wet Processed ; 50% Sun Dried Processed
ALTITUDE :               
900-1020 Mtrs
ORIGIN :                    
Coffee-75% : Chicory-25%

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Mist Cafe Classic Blend South Indian Coffee or Nice Coffee berries selected exclusively from Coorg coffee estates, prepared from the highest quality of Arabica ‘AA’, Wet processed and Robusta ‘Peaberry’ sun-dried processed beans and blended with high-quality chicory. Savour a refreshingly unique coffee experience.

This coarsely ground medium roasted coffee has a rich flavour and aroma.

Aroma Lock Packaging (zip lock)

Mist Cafe filter coffee undergoes rigorous and stringent laboratory tests to conform to the standards set by FSSAI

“South Indian Filter Coffee” Preparation Instruction

  1. Add 3 medium heaped tea spoons of Mist Cafe ground coffee powder into filter.
  2. Add 1/3rd cup of hot boiling water to the upper cup of filter.
  3. Leave the coffee filter undisturbed for 15-30mins.
  4. Pour a quarter cup of decoction (Step.1) to ¾ cup of boiling milk & Add sugar.

Note: DO NOT stir or shake the filter – do let it drip and please be patient till it fully filters out.

Strict NO:-
Do not heat the decoction and then add milk like in case of tea. Once the milk is added to the decoction, the coffee should NOT be re-heated and preferably not microwaved. It should be drunk hot — hence the milk should be really hot.

(You may use the Mist Café’s SPECIAL BLEND 65:35, CLASSIC BLEND 75:35, ORTHODOX BLEND 85:15 or ROYAL BLEND 100% Pure Coffee depending on how strong you like your coffee.)

“French Press” Preparation Instructions

  1. Remove Plunger
  2. Add 1 Tablespoon coarse ground coffee for every 120ml/4oz water,
  3. Slowly pour water just off the boil. The perfect temperature is between 2050F/960C
  4. Bloom coffee 1mns, Add remaining hot water, let the coffee brew for 4 mns.
  5. Then gently press the plunger down. This will separate the ground from the water and stop the brewing process.

Serve your coffee immediately for the best flavor

“Italian Espresso” Preparation Instructions

  1. Pre-heat Moka Pot Cups
  2. Fill water tank
  3. Add Mist Café Coffee
  4. Reassemble
  5. Place on low heat
  6. Within a few minutes remove from heat
  7. Serve


Serve your coffee immediately for the best flavor

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